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Bank of Canada Announcement

Inflation Rate Drop

Variable Rate Mortgages and Rate Increases

Update to clients with variable rate mortgages

All our variable rate holder clients will be impacted by the prime rate increases.

What is the Trigger Rate

Trigger rates, or what prime rate increase means for your variable rate mortgage

The trigger rate for a variable rate mortgage occurs when the prime rate goes up so much that your fixed payment does not cover the interest you owe each month.

Bank of Canada Rate Increase

Bank of Canada Curveball – Debora Seehuber-Mann

So the Bank of Canada threw us a curveball this morning and raised it’s overnight rate AGAIN which directly impacts the Canada Prime rate.

Canada Prime Rate Changes Since 2010

Canada Prime Rate Changes Since 2010

Home Owner Vacation Checklist

Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

Canada Bond yields and fixed rate mortgages

Learn how bonds affect your mortgage rate

The Bank of Canada financial policies are important to understand when we are watching mortgage rates. Canada Bond yields lead fixed-mortgage rates.

June 1 Interest Rate

Bank of Canada Interest Rate Announcement

The latest Bank of Canada Interest Rate Announcement