Is your home in need of renovations? Our Mortgage PLUS Improvements program is for you!

  • Access the full value of your home
  • Low interest rates

At The Place To Mortgage we offer two options to our clients who are looking to renovate and improve their home’s value.

OPTION 1) A simple refinance. Clients can access up to 80% of their home equity in a refinance. The new funds are then used to pay out the existing mortgage. All remaining funds can be used towards renovation costs. If there is not enough funds remaining in this option, we move on to plan B.

OPTION 2) The application for mortgage financing is requested. Is made for 80% of the current home value PLUS the cost to complete the improvements. The lender will hold-back on closing the improvement portion of the mortgage until the work has been completed and inspected. Normally within 30 to 60 days of closing. Once the work has been completed, the lender will instruct the lawyer to advance the balance of the funds and the contractor, or you, can be paid.

The Mortgage Plus Improvements option is also available on the purchase of the home allowing you to finance 95% of the purchase price PLUS the renovation value!

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