Against the backdrop of a seemingly somnolent economy and the persistent cry for looser monetary policies, the Bank of Canada, in its final act of interest rate decision-making for the year, stuck to the script, maintaining the overnight policy interest rate at a solid 5.00%. While this decision was as predictable as your friend’s favourite pizza order, what wasn’t entirely expected (or welcomed) was the Bank’s earnest declaration that it is “still concerned” about risks to the outlook for inflation and “remains prepared to raise” its policy rate “further” if needed—because, you know, life is too short for economic predictability.

The Bank noted a slowdown in the Canadian economy causing a dip in CPI inflation to 3.1% in October. Thus, loyal variable-rate mortgage holders and enthusiasts of credit lines tethered to the prime rate, your financial rollercoaster remains unchanged, providing a rare moment of stability in this dramatic economic narrative.

In the larger economic play, growth took a breather through the middle quarters of 2023, with higher interest rates playing the party pooper by keeping spending on a tight leash. And let’s not forget the global scene—imagine a world where the economy is like a GPS on a long road trip, slowing down and recalculating the route while inflation takes a scenic detour!

Looking ahead, the Bank’s next interest rate announcement is scheduled for January 24, 2024. Feel free to reach out to us anytime, I would love to offer some tips and advice to guide you through financing options that will have you navigating this economic rollercoaster with style, whether your prime rate is doing the cha-cha or the two-step.