As of late I have been helping out quite a few seniors with securing reverse mortgages on their homes.  At first glance one would think “What!? Once a mortgage is paid off why would you want a reverse mortgage, and why for the elderly?”  Of course, the lifelong dream is to live debt and mortgage free?  But maybe the lifelong dream is also to live a FULL life until the end.  Reverse mortgages certainly exist for good reason, and I have seen that reason firsthand:

– In the smile from my client when he came in to show me his new teeth, he was able to get with the funds!

– In the vacation pictures my clients shared with me, the first vacation they have taken in over a decade!

– In the excitement my client expressed to me that he could finally afford new glasses and could see clearly!

– In the pride my clients felt that they could gift and early inheritance to their son so he could purchase his first home!

If you are above 55 and have equity in your home, we may have a solution for you!  After all, life is worth living 🙂

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