Have you ever considered the fact that your banker is actually working for the bank, and being rewarded and compensated based on how much money they make off of you?!  Your broker on the other hand, is working for YOU, and while they are still rewarded and paid by the lender, that only happens once they find and secure the best deal available for you, and you are a satisfied customer.  Brokers shop the market to find you the best lender product and rate to ensure you are set up for financial success, not the other way around.

Mortgage renewal time is a time when consumers are often taken advantage of; let’s make sure that’s not the case for you!

Your bank will send you a notice in the mail that will include your renewal options, and so kindly ask that you to sign and initial in order to renew your mortgage effortlessly.  But what they don’t tell you is that the rate you are being offered is likely higher than what you could get if you shopped around, or spoke to a mortgage broker.

Yes, it will take you about 3 hours of your time to speak with us, send us your documents and sign some papers, however that investment of time is well worth the savings in most cases!

For example, we just negotiated a renewal for a client who was offered a rate by her existing lender of 0.75% higher than going rates.  Had she just signed her renewal notice, she would have been paying an extra $151/month. We saved her $9060 over the next 5 years!!!

Of course this is only one situation, however in my experience, this is a very common occurrence.  More often than not, when a client calls me to chat about the renewal notice they received, the offers are much higher than what I can renegotiate for them.  I have even seen situations where it was over 2% higher.  Please call us to discuss your mortgage renewal options.  We will be the first to tell you if your offer is fair and that you should sign the renewal offer, but it’s much more likely I can save you thousands!