As the forest fires continue to grow and spred across our provinces, the question about climate risk scores for real estate properties is at the front of our minds. This year has been extremely bad for fires in the BC area, the question many home buyers maybe asking are, what is the climate risks for this property? What is the wildfire risk for this home?

There is some climate risk data information available for realtors. That was prompted after the flood of 2013 in Calgary. Many realtors are calling for climate risk scores to be added to listings, making this data commonplace and help factor into the property’s value.

According to the CBC article this type of information has become more accessible in the United States. There is a company Climate Check in the United States which lists every property’s climate risk on Redfin’s website. This company is working on a site for Canada as well, which should launch early next year.

Will this type of information be useful to you? Do you have questions regarding flooding risks or wildfire risks to a property?

To read more about this topic visit the CBC article here.