Zenon Komarniski – Mortgage Associate

Experienced Mortgage Broker Real & Estate Agent

Greetings! I’m Zenon, the eldest of three boys, all starting with the letter “Z,” hailing from Edmonton. Juggling roles as a real estate agent, mortgage broker, and chief cuddler for my Devon Rex cat keeps me on my toes. Hiking, hockey and golfing are my go-to pastimes, alongside supporting my two amazing sons as they embark on their college journey.

With a lifetime immersed in the home industry and seven homes under my belt, renovations are second nature. Raised in a family of home experts, I’ve inherited a passion for the trade. I’ve cultivated a robust network of professionals, from real estate lawyers to cleaners, ensuring a seamless home buying/selling process.

As a mortgage broker, I offer pre-approval and comprehensive guidance. Beyond transactions, I’m your lifelong friend, available for advice or connections post-sale. With me, you gain a one-stop-shop agent and a trusted confidant for all your real estate needs.

Let’s embark on this journey together!