Sam Elam – Mortgage Professional

Sam Elam - Mortgage Professional

I provide my clients with professional advice for their home financing services. My passion is to find financing solutions for all of my clients and to share my knowledge and experience to help them understand the process. Having worked in the investment industry for 4 years prior to being licensed as a mortgage broker, I understand the importance of building a balanced portfolio while maximizing savings. I look to understand a clients full financial picture while providing the best options for their long term plans.

I understand how busy life is and I therefore I don’t have “business hours”. I want to make the process fit into the time you have and to be available when you need me. I pride myself on providing ethical and honest advice with a high level of customer service. A mortgage is a lifetime commitment and therefore I will be with my clients for the long term. I want to be the person you think of when you or someone you know needs a mortgage.