Kari Hawryluk – Mortgage Professional

In 2009, Kari kicked off her journey in the financial services world, starting at a bank in Downtown Calgary. Afterward, she returned to the scenic Vancouver Island to wrap up her Bachelor’s of Business Administration. Her path led her to a bustling Financial Planning office post-graduation, but she eventually took a break to explore her fervor for fitness.

2019 marked a significant milestone for Kari, as she officially became a Licensed Mortgage Professional. Since then, she’s been on a mission to empower countless clients to become confident homeowners. Offering excellent rates, top-notch service, and tailored solutions, Kari ensures her clients don’t bear any costs. When she’s not diving into numbers from her home office, you’ll spot Kari exploring trails with her partner and their beloved dog, Birdie.

For Kari, it’s more than just mortgages; it’s about guiding you toward your homeownership dreams.