Jean-Guy Turcotte – Mortgage Broker

Jean-Guy has been helping Albertans obtain home financing with mortgages since 2006.

While in the Mortgage Industry as both an Owner and Mortgage Broker, Jean-Guy has helped thousands obtain their dreams of home ownership through mortgage financing with personalized programs individually designed for each Alberta Mortgage client, as everyone has their own unique financial fingerprint.

Jean-Guy has a unique style of simplifying the process and the mortgage language for Albertans comes from years of listening and taking an approach unlike the regular banking experience these days. “For the most part, most clients only obtain a mortgage a few times in their lifetime, and it can be a stressful time. I pride myself on de-stressing the process as much as possible”.

There are thousands of mortgage brokers across Canada and Jean-Guy has been in the top 1-5% almost since he began. Why does that matter to you? It doesn’t. But with so many trusted clientele, it does tell the story that he cares about his clients and goes the extra mile!

Saving Canadians thousands of dollars in interest is the easy part, but providing the insider tips and knowledge, topped with exceptional personalized service is what really sets him apart.

Many call him their ‘Go to Mortgage’ guy and he’s happy to share his time with you.

With his Mortgage Career beginning in 2006, Jean-Guy has established many long term relationships with dozens of lenders.

So whether it’s your First Time Home Buyers mortgage, Upgrading your home, Refinancing your home or Renewing your home loan. Jean-Guy has a solution for you!

Connect with him today and find out your solution to homeownership.