Hannah Brandsma – Mortgage Professional

Meet Hannah Brandsma, your dedicated mortgage expert, boasting an impressive journey spanning over four fruitful years in the industry. Hannah’s career began as a sales intern at an alternative lending powerhouse, where her fascination for the world of mortgages was sparked. Eager to refine her skills, she took the initiative to enroll in a comprehensive course at UBC. This strategic move not only equipped her as a licensed assistant but also paved the path to her current role as a trusted broker.

In addition to her professional achievements, Hannah shares a bustling life with her husband, Matt, in Armstrong, BC. When she’s not immersed in the world of finance or overseeing her business, Hannah’s love for the outdoors takes center stage. You’re likely to spot her paddleboarding through serene waters, pedaling down scenic trails, or embarking on thrilling hikes, all accompanied by her two furry companions, Gunner and Chinook.

Hannah’s blend of industry expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and love for adventure makes her more than just a mortgage broker — she’s a relatable partner who understands your dreams and works tirelessly to turn them into reality.