Tim Lyon – Mortgage Broker

In today’s real estate and financial markets, it can be hard to feel like anyone is in your corner. Navigating through the nuances of the financial world can seem overwhelming, confusing, or even like another language. This is where I can help!

Prior to becoming a mortgage broker, I graduated from the University of Victoria with my BEng in Mechanical Engineering. Following graduation, I worked for five years in technical sales, focusing on real world problem-solving for a wide variety of customers. This background allows me to bring a unique perspective to the mortgage industry, utilizing my analytical and interpersonal skills to find the best solutions for my clients.

In my personal time, I am an avid grappler. I have a long history in the sport, having both coached and competed at a black belt level in judo. More recently, I have turned my attention to a new athletic journey in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, where I can continue to grow my mental and physical skills.

Finding a new home is stressful enough. Let me take some of the pressure off by helping you find the best mortgage options available for you.