Gordon / Woolward Wedding

Amanda Gordon & Derrick Woolward

Our Love Story

Love Story...hmmm...what to tell and what to leave out??? Love at First Sight I guess is the best place to start! We officially "met" back in February 2008 at a mutual friends house, we were having casual drinks at this friends house and me being newly single asked him to invite Derrick over for a few drinks. It took a little convincing as Derrick had just finished working a 12 hr shift, but with one little article of clothing mentioned he was in.
We had started chatting and realized he was the boy across the street from my cousin Elysse who was always at her house when we were young, he really did always want to be a part of our family. We exchanged numbers and good thing we did because after a few drinks he had a hard time remembering my name LOL. I wasn't to concerned as being newly single I wasn't looking for anything serious so if he didn't remember my name perfect. Well one thing lead to another and lets just say I dressed up for Halloween the following year as "A One Night Stand... Gone Bad" We love our love story because it is the exact description of the crazy two that we are. We love each other dearly and we can't wait to make it official in front of all our family and friends.

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