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Document Checklist

Below is a list of documentation that may be required for your mortgage transaction. Please note that once a commitment is received, the lender may require additional documentation in order to satisfy all commitment conditions.

Signed Privacy Agreement and Credit Authorization (Click Here to Print).
For any and all property owned please provide:
Feature sheet (Click Here to Print)
Current mortgage statements
Property tax bill
Rental agreement (rental properties only)
For a purchase
Purchase agreement
MLS listing (if no MLS listing available please provide a feature sheet-Click Here to Print)
Proof of down payment if applicable and closing costs available (lenders like to see 1.5% of purchase/refinance price available, on top of the down payment, to cover any closing costs such as lawyer fees, property taxes, etc. that may arise)
For personal savings please provide 3months of bank statements (any large deposits must be explained and proven)
If down payment is gifted please provide a gift letter (Click Here to Print)
For any other source of down payment, please provide adequate explanation and proof of availability
Two most recent years of Notice of Assessments (NOA)
If NOA is showing taxes owing please provide proof of payment
Employment Income verification
Satisfactory employment letter on company letterhead confirming position, guaranteed gross income and length of employment (with no probation) and contact number for verification purposes
Most recent paystub
If including any overtime/bonus income or hours are not guaranteed please provide a two year history (year end paystubs with YTD or T4’s)
Self Employed income verification
most recent two years of personal T1 generals (tax returns) and an additional 2 years of full corporation financial statements if incorporated
if two years is unavailable, please provide proof of self employment at minimum

Please fax all documentation to our secure and confidential fax line at 1-866-314-1583 or email to



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